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Rippingale Village Website - About Us

The purpose of the Rippingale Village Website is to provide a focal point for the village activities and amenities for the benefit of the residents, and to enlighten the would be visitor, as well as providing an access point for the Rippingale Parish Council minutes and records in order to comply with the Freedom of Information Act.

The website is developed and maintained by the Rippingale Village Website Committee (RVWC), a group of volunteers who carry out the work in their spare time.

The development of the website commenced in the Summer of 2004, the work being carried out by the original members of the RVWC, Cllr David Sankey, Pauline Warman, John Warman, and Christine Rice, with the backing of the Parish Council.  In September 2008 John (and Pauline) had to stand down because of overwhelming family problems, and the website took on a new dynamic format.

In the following years it became difficult to find enough people with the spare time to maintain the website, but after the council elections in 2011 it was revived, and the current committee can be seen below.

The current members of the RVWC are:

  • Jim Latham
  • Carol Mason
  • John Warman
  • (September 2014)

Contributions for inclusion and constructive criticism will always be welcomed please email us , or contact a member of the current committee with your suggestions and ideas.