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Some tips on viewing Rippingale Village website at its best.

Although various web browsers have been taken into consideration when designing this website it is best viewed using Mozilla Firefox 12 or Google Chrome as many other browsers do not properly recognise some of the formatting. Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 now works ok, but previous versions are NOT recommend it as they can be very slow on some computers.

Nb: - Firefox upgrades 11.0 and 10.0.2 do not work properly and do not display some slideshows correctly. We recomend upgrading to Firefox 12 or higher - 29 June 12

Your screen resolution should be set to 1024 x 768 or higher. Because of the growing number of wide screen monitors in use we have had to update the site in order to prevent the pages from being distorted. The downside is that a screen resolution set at 800 x 600 no longer fits on the screen, however this represents less than 1% of viewers as opposed to 70% to 80% wide screen viewers. Our apologies to those with low resolution monitors.

Download Adobe Reader

Many of the documents, eg the Village Newsletter, are in 'Portable Document Format', ie pdf files. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to download and read them. Click here to download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader free of charge from Adobe Systems Incorporated.

Please note that the Rippingale Village Website Committee are not responsible for any programs downloaded and installed on your PC. Please ensure that your PC is compatible with the programs before downloading and installing, and seek professional help if you have any doubts or problems.

YouTube and Facebook - There are a number of links to both Facebook and YouTube on the website. Whereas YouTube is open to public viewing, to view anything on Facebook you will need to sign up with them. The Rippingale Village Website Committee recommend that if you do sign up to Facebook you DO NOT put any personal or other information anywhere on the website, including in your account details etc, that you do not want the world to read/see, as from time to time (in the past) the Facebook has been updated and personal information has been viewable by all until you have/had re-set your privacy filters.

Images do not load properly? - If you have a slow (dial-up) connection you may find that sometimes, on pages that have multiple images, eg 'Country Eye', the images only partially load. This is a common problem to all websites, and the easy way to rectify it is to either 'Refresh' the page, or move to another page then back again using your 'Back' and 'Forward' keys.

No top Menu? - You must have Java Script (Activex) enabled to see the top menu bar (on every page except the photos). This is normally set under `Internet Properties' and depending on your browser may be called different things, eg 'Allow active content'- if you are not sure seek professional help.

Also if you have been linked from some sites or Search Engines which open the links within their own window, eg 'Ask Jeeves', the top menu may not show - if so open in it's own window by clicking on this here.

Hidden Information - Information about most of the photographs on the website can be revealed by hovering your mouse (curser) over the image.  This is called "Mouse-over" and can sometimes also link you to other parts of the site in the same way that normal links do.