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Row Gardens Allotment Group


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The original committee was formed in October 2005 in order to liaise with the Parish Council with a view to putting part of the village allotments field back into the use of the villagers as individual allotment plots, and to promote the use of the allotments to the residents of Rippingale.

Committee (as per August 2017):

Chairman - Phil Palmer - 07492 741 139
Secretary - Angela Adams - 01778 440 872
Treasurer - Mike Bronze - 07971 447 528


Allotment plots from 100 squ mtrs available

News Update


Open day will this year be held on Sunday 20th August 2017 12 noon 4pm There will be the usual Vegetable Stall as well as Teas & Cakes. Come & take a look around & chat to the plot holders, there are still a few plots available to rent so come & join us.

Angela Adams



A few photos from 2012 and 2013







Historical Information up to June 2007

The field is on the right of Station Road directly after the last house when leaving the village towards the A15. Currently most of the field is rented out to a local farmer for cultivation.

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As per October 2005 the portion of the field nearest the village has been relinquished for use as allotments. (Click on image for a larger view or click here to view the current plots layout).
More land can be made available should enough people be interested.

Any villagers wishing to go on the waiting list should contact Doreen or Angela, or email us and we will get back to you.

If you think that you would like a plot in the future please register now as we have to give long notice for the land to become available, and the sooner we know the sooner we can request the land.

The Story So Far:
(Reverse date order)

12 June 2007

The constitution has been updated to include dissolution of the group (see above).

The remaining scrappy bits of land are to be cultivated to keep the weeds down, and it is planned to have a "strimmer" meeting to attack the weed problem on the remainder of the site.

The trees have been cut down and we await to see if the council gets a Lottery grant to clear the stumps.


30 April 2007

Membership has now reached seventeen, including six on the waiting list, and three with reduced sized plots.

We now have a Constitution which was voted in at our meeting on 17th April.

At the same meeting the letter from the Parish Council re the release of more land back to allotments was discussed, and a reply has been sent.

We are currently working on preparing the documentation to apply for a grant to finish of the parking area and maintenance tracks.


12 February 2007

The meeting with the council on 8th February went well (see meeting notes) and the proposed new boundary has been marked out for the farmer to inspect with a view to possibly extending the allotments.

RGAG is to look at including the parking/turning area in with a grant application to remove the tree-stumps from the wooded area.


1 February 2007

Since June 2006 individual agreements have been signed with, and rents collected by the the Parish Council.

Everyone has had a bumper harvest - well pretty good considering the hot dry summer anyway - and we are now looking forward to the next season. Most people have erected sheds and water-buts, and the site is looking smart, give or take the odd weed!

The impasse in applying for a grant to finish off the parking turning area remains. The Group has been informed by the Parish Council that the next land to be released will be where the trees currently stand (see meeting notes for 1st November 2008). The sub committee is to meet with the Parish Council at the next council meeting on Thursday 8th February 2007 to discuss these problems.


1 June 2006

The Parish Council have produced a Tenancy Agreement incorporating our version, and they are seeking advise from the NSALG as we did.

The area reserved for the less physically able has had to be released as a normal plot.

The plots have now been re-numbered in anticipation of future expansion (see the current layout for details).


15 May 2006

The hardcore has been leveled (we use the word loosely) out and broken down to give a surface that can be parked on WITH CARE! When we can reach an agreement with the RPC a grant will be applied for to get the parking / turning area finished off professionally and topped of with a suitable 'fill' to give a smooth surface.

As progress in getting more land released is slow it has been decided to let the small amount of land earmarked for use by the less physically able be used by anyone interested.

A draft tenancy agreement has been produced by the Parish Council and the RGAG have taken advise from the NSALG. A revised draft based on the advice received has been returned to the Parish Council.


27 April 2006

Most of the allotments are now well established, and with a little last minute juggling all the usable plots have now been allocated and work started. There are currently 7 full sized 250 sq mtr plots (3 poles or 300 sq yds) and 3 smaller plots in use which should be increased in size when the land is released, hopefully by the end of this year ready for next season. This would also give us 3 more full sized plots. In the mean time we may have to use the land currently earmarked for use by the less physically able to give a small plot then divide up some full sized plots later as needs be.

Members took advantage of the NSALG Seed Scheme and bought their seed and potatoes at very good prices making savings that more than paid for their membership subs.

We are still in consultation with the parish council, and draft tenancy agreements have been drawn up. The NSALG are assisting us with the wording.


16 February 2006

The waiting list has started for the next release of land which has been requested (letter to Parish Council 6 December 2005)

Members have started to prepare their plots and plant vegetables and fruit.

The formation of the turning and parking area is progressing well.

A meeting has been held with the Parish Council sub-committee to answer a number of outstanding questions and hasten formalising the letting of the allotments - click links to see notes and other meeting notes


14 December 2005

10 plots have now been allocated (albeit three are reduced size waiting for further land to be released). A start has been made on putting down rubble to form a turning space.


2 December 2005

Membership of the NSALG confirmed, membership number S2276A


7 November to 28 November 2005

At the meeting on Monday 14 November the inaugural committee officers were confirmed elected by the full committee of all prospective allotment holders. It was also agreed to mark out the plots and join the National Society of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners (NSALG). It was also agreed to adopt the original name of the allotment field of "Row Gardens".

On Saturday 26 November all available members met at allotment field and the first six plots were marked out.

We have received a reply from Parish Council to our letter requesting clarification on a number of points including hard standing, rents etc (see below). The council is in full support of returning the field to use as allotments and a meeting with a representative of the council is to be arranged to discus the way forward.

Membership to the NSALG has been applied for.


The story up to 7th November 2005

In August 2004 Iain Middleton approached the Rippingale Parish Council to see if there were any allotments available in the village. He was advised that if enough people were interested then allotment land may become available, but it would be up to him to find out. He wrote in the October Rippingale Newsletter as follows:

"I understand that there is land allocated for the use of allotments by the village but that at present it is being rented out. Having spoken to the Parish Clerk, Mrs Scholes, I would like to know whether there are any like-minded people in the village who would be interested In applying for allotments, if the land was made available. At this point I am not exactly sure where the allotments are and what conditions they are presently in! I would be pleased to hear from anyone with additional information, or those who, like myself, would be interested In taking on an allotment. If there is sufficient interest/support, I would like to go back to the Parish Council to ask whether at least a portion of the land could be reverted for allotments”

From this he received enough replies to make the return of some of the land for use as allotments viable, and he contacted the Parish Council accordingly that month.

In April 2005 Iain again spoke to the Parish Council and received confirmation that the interest in allotments had been noted, and that the land was currently rented out to two tenants (one to grow Christmas Trees, the other as arable land). In May he hastened things and received a letter from the Parish Council who had liaised with the current tenants. Later that month Iain visited the site with a member of the council and requested the portion of land that has currently been made available.

Early in August 2005 three of the prospective allotment holders, Iain, Lisa and John, met at the field and discussed the way forward. Subsequently the Council was approached and a meeting requested for the end of August to discus a number of questions and a possible start date of January 2006. This meeting was arranged for 13th October, and Lisa and Pauline were able to attend.

On Monday 24th October 2005 a meeting was held to discuss the outcome of the meeting with the Parish Council, and the `Inaugural Committee’ was formed. (All the posts taken are considered temporary until such time that all prospective allotment holders have a chance to vote). An action plan to set up the site was agreed, and a letter to the council has been sent requesting clarification of a number of points.

We hope to hold a meeting of all prospective allotment holders in the Bull on Monday 14th November 2005 (to be confirmed).