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The Bull Cribbage Club

After a meeting on October 7, The Club has had to make a tough decision to withdraw from the Bourne and District Cribbage League, for the time being at least.

But members have decided that they will carry on playing - against each other.

They will continue to meet every Tuesday night at The Bull, at 8 pm and the season will start - on October 14 - with a singles competition with every member playing all other members.

When that has concluded - expected to take 4 to 6 weeks - a doubles competition will start, with doubles team members drawn out of a hat each week.

That's expected to be a five week season.

Members will pay a £2 match fee each week, part of which will go into a kitty to provide prize money for the winner and runner-up in each competition, as well as paying for refreshments.

The prizes could be surprisingly attractive - if 10 people play each match, the kitty would be £100 for each series and there'll be special prizes, for example for those scoring more than 24 points in a hand.

Match arrangements look complicated but will be deal with flexibly

Games Updates

November 2014 - The Cribbage Club completed the season’s first competition – the singles - at The Bull on Tuesday night (November 25)and after a close-run final, Marijke Harris pipped Lance Hibbet to the final. They finished with 24 points each but in the head-to-head play-off, she beat him. However they decided to split the prize money, each receiving £27-50. £5 went to Steve Bonde as booby prize for taking last place, though in the end the top 7 places were only separated by 3 points!!

7 Nov 12 - At last – our first win, 12-8 – and against one of the most successful teams in the league – The Golden Lion in Bourne. So after being knocked out of the League Cup and losing every match we played so far this season, some justice at last. All we have to do now is turn a single win into a streak.

12 Oct 12 - Not a very good start to the season. It opened with an 8-12 loss to The Spinning Wheel at Baston on September 18 and continued with another 7-13 loss to the Royal British Legion in Bourne a week later. We perhaps should take comfort that we only lost 9-11 to The Firkin Ale in Bourne on October 2 and again by the same score this week against the Fighting Cocks in Corby Glen – so things are definitely improving. We have a bye in the League Knock-out Cup next Tuesday but will be playing a foursome against the Royal British legion at The Bull next Wednesday night October 17 – wish us luck!