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General Notices

This page is for general notices that are of are of importance, or general interest to the village, but do not fit into the categories of entertainment/events or announcements.

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  • An Introduction to Rukba in the East Midlands, Thursday 4th November 2004


  • 'Extend' - Exercise to Music For Older People
    Earlier this year a partnership was set up between the 3 Lincolnshire NHS Primary Care Trusts and North and South Kesteven District Councils with the aim of establishing a pooled fund to train 17 people to qualify for the Extend teaching certificate.

    Extend is a recognised certificate which enables trained teachers to be confident in teaching an exercise class for people with a variety of different physical needs, especially older people. There is a lot of evidence that regular exercise is extremely beneficial for sufferers of osteoporosis and arthritis and is also. very good for general joint mobility, weight management and of course regular physical activity also promotes mental and social health. Regular physical activity can also help older people to be able to maintain their independence. Click on the link above for more information.

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