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If you would like an entry in the 'Local Businesses' page please click here to email us (or contact a member of the committee) with the following information:

Your details (for our records):
  • Your Name
  • Your FULL address (business and/or home) including house number/name
  • Your home and/or business telephone number (land line)
  • Your mobile phone number if applicable

Details to be shown on the 'Local Businesses' page:
  • Your business name (this could be your own name)
  • What your business is/does - keep this short please
  • Contact details -
    These can be different from above so tell us what you want displayed
    Include as applicable your name, address or abbreviated address (eg just Rippingale), telephone numbers, email address etc
    NB. we DO NOT put web links on this page - see below

If you would like more details displayed than we have room for on the 'Local Businesses' page, or would like a link to your own website, please include details with your request and we will get back to you.

We reserve the right to refuse or edit any request (see About Us / Terms & Conditions).