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Welcome to the News Page - In here we will put items of news that have not got a home of their own, with links to the full article where there is one.

You may find repeats of an article from the 'Rippingale News', perhaps with a few pictures, or something completely different. We will also build an archive of past 'News Clips', but don't forget that the main village news is in the village newsletter.

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Hide and Seek Secret

The grandchildren were up for the weekend - the usual question to them is "Planes or Trains?" to keep them occupied. But this time my daughter came armed with a big secret - it's called "GeoCache."

It's a free mobile phone app which shows thousands of sites all over the world, where people have hidden stuff for us to find. Mostly it's just a roll of paper for you to add your name to prove you've beaten the system, but others have small prizes - you take one, then leave another.

The app leads you close to the sites, then YOU have to find it - and there are 16 around Rippingale!! And they're tiny!!

I couldn't believe it - they're all over the place, village green, allotments, on walks all round Rippingale. Some had been found by lots of people - others by just two or three.

The kids loved it! So get out there and find 'em!

Jim Latham

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Remembrance Day Service - Sunday 11th November 2012

More than 100 people attended the Remembrance Day Service at St Andrew’s Parish Church in the village of Rippingale.

As well as the annual service, laying of a poppy wreath and the two minutes silence to remember the 10 local lads who died in two World Wars, it was also a big day for the 1st Pointon Baden-Powell Scout Group.

The Group involves young people from several local villages, centred on Pointon and including many from Rippingale.

A grant of £500, from the Hereward Freemason’s Lodge in Bourne, paid for new standards for the Beaver, Cub and Scout Sections of the B-P Group and the flags were blessed by the Rev Dr Lynda Pugh during the Remembrance Service.

The Beavers, Cubs and Scouts marched, led by Piper Neil Esslemont and Group Scout Master Steve Warcup, from Rippingale Village Hall to St Andrews.

Following the Service, the Act of Remembrance was performed at the Memorial, with the names of those recorded there, read out by Mrs Sue Atkinson, landlady of The Bull public house and a member of the Parochial Church Council.

After refreshments, Jim Latham, Vice Chairman of Rippingale Parish Council, gave a talk on a project to repair serious weather damage to the Memorial, with a display of photos and documents revealing the stories of the 10 names it carries.




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Chandlers Oil - Still the Cheapest

1 Nov 12 - Chandlers delivery this week (Fri/Sat 2nd/3rd Nov) still works out the cheapest for Rippingale Oil Consortium Members.

Follow the links or click here to check out the delivery prices.



Rippingale Photo makes it to BBC Look North

21 Oct 12 - John was a little disappointed when BBC Look North used one of his photos on 18th October.

Those of you that watch Look North will know that there is continuing banter between Peter Levy, and the weather man Paul Hudson. Some time ago John's better half, Pauline, sent a text to Peter asking why Paul always seemed to be surprised when he announced that "the sun WILL rise at . . ." . This was read out and has caused continuing amusement ever since, with Paul making a very strong emphasis with "WILL" on most nights.

The photo of the sunrise was sent in as a continuation of the joke with the heading "And the sun DID rise over Rippingale Fen at . . ." Sadly the joke was not used, but you can see a slide show of the sunrise by looking in Rippingale/Photo Gallery (from the main menu) and following the link, or by clicking here.



For those of you that cannot get Look North: -
Freeview users (without Freesat) that are still using the Waltham transmitter (aerial pointing west) will only get Central local news programmes that do not cover the Rippingale area. To get Look North you will need to redirect your aerial to pick up Belmont transmitter (north) and re-tune. nb: there are a few less stations from Belmont, but the important ones are all there.