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Rippingale Painting Group


From Graham Ashworth (October 2014)

I never thought that the group would enjoy such a lengthy run yet alone take part in three events that offered us such an experience from two village feasts and our own Art Exhibition and, as an extra bonus, we have had many enquiries about us which has led to an increase in our numbers. All three of these functions were an excellent experience for the group as well as being very enjoyable.

As always, we meet every Wednesday from 6.30pm to 8.30pm. we have a mid session coffee or tea break along with fresh home baked cake. All this costs a staggering sum of 2.00.

As most are aware, I am not an art teacher, I didn't go to art college but, I did go to art class, where I picked up a wealth of valuable tips about how to use watercolour paints. This is what I pass on to our group, and after two and a half years, things seem to work, and as time goes by, I see a definite improvement in all their work. When I get full attendance, I have 18 people but with holidays, various appointments to meet, I usually realise 14-ish. All our group are very friendly and anyone who attends for a first time, always seems to fit right in.

If this sounds like something you would like to try, then please give me a call. I'm Graham and you can reach me on 440 662.

Your first time is free, so that if you don't like it you haven't lost anything. We are all friendly, and at least, you get coffee and cake.


Rippingale Painting group at the Rippingale Feast 2013


Below are a few photos of the group taken early this year (2013). Watch this space for more news and images of the group and their work.