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Rippingale - Past and Present

There have been many changes in the village over the last century, buildings have been demolished and new ones put in their place. But the heart of the village still remains. Families have been raised, some have flown the nest, but many have stayed to see other generations grow over time.

But how much has changed in the village? A comparison of photographs may be the best way to evoke memories of a bygone age and to establish memories of the present.

© Information and photographs for "Past" from "Rippingale Village" with the kind permission of Rosetta Atkinson and Pat Cottam
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East Street - seen from the end of High Street- showing all the white posts where the children used to play leap-frog. No-one knows their original purpose. Now only two posts remain.

East Street - March 2005
The two remaining posts can be seen at the far end of the village green on the left

© Photo Ian Jones

Middle Street - seen from High Street - The cottage on the right before 1920.

This one caused a little confusion as the photo is clearly labeled "High Street Rippingale"

Middle Street - March 2005
Photo taken from nearer to the High Street junction.

© Photo Ian Jones

High Street - 1926 - Looking into the village

High Street Looking Into Village - March 2005
The house that was on the left has been the entrance to Wendover Close for well over 20 years, and the Ancaster railings are long gone

© Photo Ian Jones

Station Street - We approach our village of Rippingale from the East through this lovely avenue of trees planted c.1861.

Station Street from the East - March 2005
The sad loss of a number of trees

© Photo Ian Jones

Station Street up towards Grinders Lane, now called Dovecote. In front is the pinfold which dates back to the 12th century. Here stray animals were kept and only released to their owners on payment of a fixed sum of money.

Station Street up towards Dovecote - March 2005
The differences speak for themselves

© Photo Ian Jones

  Rippingale Church of England School as it was before the building was extended.
Rippingale Church of England School - 2005 
Sadly closed July 2007 and has now been re-developed as offices.

Methodist Chapel - March 2005
As seen from Pinfold Close
Sadly we have nothing older.

© Photo Ian Jones

Methodist Chapel - October 2014
Now housing

© Photo John W


The Jubilee Pump - as it was

Jubilee Pump - October 2014
The same view at the junction of Middle Street and Station Street.

© Photo John W

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