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Rippingale ~ A History

“Our interest in village history has been with us for many years, evolving from old family and village photographs. Our research started with our mutual interest in the Stubley family tree which we are both descendants.

We spread our wings and recorded Rippingale history. We have enjoyed writing about the village, and felt we were part of the time we were writing about, experiencing the sadness in times of tragedy. The times of celebration, when you could feel the euphoria. You sensed the hustle and bustle of a self sufficient village, smelt the wax of the Tallow Chandler, heard the blacksmith’s hammer when you were across the fields, maybe blackberrying or gathering sticks for the fire.”

Rosetta & Pat

The above book was published and presented by Rosetta and Pat in 1998 as a Millennium project by the Committee. The main aim of the book was to present a record of the village past and present. It is a credit to these two inspiring ladies that they accomplished what they set out to do.

The book is filled with a great many photographs which have been readily made available by kind residents of the village. Not only is it of interest to local residents, but it also shows pictorial and verbal accounts into life in the nineteenth century to the present day.

It is with kind consent that we have been privileged to publish some of the photos and extracts from this book.

We have just sold the last available copy of the book (February 2008) so a big thank you to Rosetta and Pat for producing it in the first place, and a big thanks to all those that have purchased a copy since, making it a great success.

© Christine Rice