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Rippingale Village Design Committe

The Rippingale Village Design Statement (VDS) Committee was set up following a public meeting at the Village Hall in February 2000 that was organised by Tim Bladon and Marcus Petz as a response to the concerns of local residents at recent housing developments in the village. The primary aims of the committee were to:

  • Raise the funds to accomplish the primary aims!!
  • Produce a VDS that would adequately reflect the views of village residents
  • Get the VDS adopted as supplementary planning guidance by South Kesteven District Council (SKDC)
  • Distribute one copy of the VDS to each household in the village.
These aims were achieved when the VDS was officially launched in February 2002. Having fulfilled its original objectives, the group was renamed the Rippingale Village Design Committee (VDC) and its scope of operations was changed. Its new functions were to :
  • Monitor planning applications to ensure that new developments adhered to the guidelines set out in the VDS
  • Monitor and respond to any new versions of the SKDC Local Plan.
  • Undertake fundraising and completion of village projects.

In 2002, the VDC distributed a questionnaire to residents, asking them what projects they would like undertaken, with village signs and new litter bins receiving most votes. Working in co-operation with Rippingale Parish Council, we approached SKDC and 6 new litter bins were in place by the end of 2003, at no cost!

For the Village signs, five designs were considered with clarity and simplicity in mind. Several events, including the 2003 Village Feast, were used by the VDC to put on displays in order that residents could air their opinions and have a say in the final choice of design.

It was eventually decided that a sign should be put up at each of the four entrances to the village. The VDC organised an auction in November 2003 which raised over 870.00. They also secured a 500 grant from Lincolnshire Community Council, a 100 donation from Rippingale Parish Council and some very favourable quotes to ensure that the project was fully funded. All four signs were in place by the end of September 2004.


Click here to download a copy of the 2001 Village Design Statement