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Home Theater Designs: Bring Extravagance to Your Home With These Extravagant Home Theater

Design Ideas To Create The Perfect Movie Viewing Experience. Once you've designed and built the infrastructure into your finished basement, it's time to consider design ideas to personalize your space. The beauty of creating a home theater in your finished basement is that your design is only limited by your creativity and budget.

I personally would pass, particularly if your home theater is going to be in a basement, which is typically somewhat removed from the rest of your home and your family area. As far as flooring goes, darker carpeting is a good idea in most areas though possibly not the best in a basement.

Home Theater: Gaming Haven. Hiding wiring is also an important element in home theater design—you can place it behind the basement's drywall or in low-profile tubing throughout the room. A mess of wiring is an eyesore, and it can create a safety hazard, as well.

20 Awesome Basement Home Theater [Make Room for Your Own Cinema] Not all of us have large homes. However, that does mean you cannot maximize your precious space. In case your family needs entertainment, Home Theater Design Ideas

50 Basement Home Theater Design Ideas to enjoy your movie time with family and friends - GODIYGO.COM Basements often receive a bad reputation because this space is known as damp and uninviting not really a place you would want to spend your time.

40+ Awesome Basement Home Theater Design Ideas - Luxury Interiors Ziggy Marley Mansion. One of the best features of Ziggy's mansion is the home theatre Kristen Wiig Mansion. Lebron James. The mansion is not complete without the huge home theatre for family and friends. Kris Jenner.