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Home » Coffee Break » Theater Design : Theater Design : 7 Basic Rules for Designing a Good Theater. Since humanity started gathering to tell stories and represent scenes from everyday life in front of an audience, the need for a space to perform such activities began to increase.

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When planning a home theater, from the design to the technology, has you covered with hundreds of inspirational photos and how-tos.

Home Theater Design Basics. Learn how to lay out a home theater and what materials you should use in order to get the best the visual and sound quality. Home Theater Audio: Tips, Advice and FAQs.

Home theater audio bounces around the walls, ceiling, and flooring. Limiting that bounce is key to achieving perfect home theater sound. Even if wall-to-wall carpeting isn't your thing, you'll love it for your home theater since it reduces audio-bounce. Draperies and other soft materials can be installed on the walls.

Building the shell of a home theater is similar to building any other addition to your home - with one exception. You'll want to pay special attention to insulation. A rating of R30 is standard for the floor, ceiling, and exterior wall insulation, but don't neglect the interior walls.