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A well-designed orchard means you can be self-sufficient in fruit all year-round. Words: Nadene Hall When we think of orchards on a large scale, we probably tend to think of commercial orchards in neat rows with neatly mown grass underneath. The home orchard is a different proposition and because you can have as many different […]

How Much Fruit Can a Home Orchard Produce? Just to give you an idea of just how much fruit these trees can add to your homestead, a mature lemon tree can give you over 200 pounds of lemons, a mature peach tree can give you well over 75 pounds, so can a mature plum tree.

Home Orchard Design Plan where to put your fruit trees for long term success by understanding your climate, weather, soil and garden. With good planning and design, you can have fresh deciduous fruit from late spring to early winter in a temperate climate, if your fruit trees are in the right place with the right protection.

Edible Landscaping - Planning a Small Home Orchard. If you don't have room for fruit trees in the yard, plant fruits such as figs in containers. Tree Selection What to grow will depend on where you live and how much space you have. Determine the hardiness zone for your area and select fruit trees that will grow well there.

The Home Orchard - Selecting suitable species . The amount of fruits that can be grown throughout Australia is truly amazing. Not only for fresh eating but for drying, preserving and juicing. There are also a number of fruit trees that make effective windbreaks, are of ornamental value and possess nitrogen fixing abilities.