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Tiny garden designs can incorporate all of the same unique features, styles and luxuries of a large outdoor living area, but simply modified to be appropriate for smaller yard spaces.

Small garden design ideas are not simple to find. The small garden design is unique from other garden designs. Space plays an essential role in small garden design ideas. The garden should not seem very populated but at the same time it should give a complete whole to the home. Only trees and the length of the garden are not enough.

3. Zone your garden into different areas. Small garden design ideas can be quite subtle. Take this one, using zoning, a trick usually reserved for breaking up large indoor rooms into different areas - say, one for relaxing, and one for dining.

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Small urban gardens could be used as for growing vegetables as for simply relaxing outdoors. A city garden needs a careful planning but can become an awesome outdoor "room". We've already shared with you amazing urban terraces and now we're going to show you some amazing ideas for small urban gardens.

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