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Stories about architecture and design in Japan, including Japanese houses, apartments and stores, and news related to the country. Takeru Shoji Architects designs Japanese home with "live-in

Japanese Homes Japanese design has always been known for its simplicity, clean lines, minimalism and impeccable organization. Contemporary Japanese homes have elevated those principles into a wide variety of architectural styles.

While it arguably enters the realms of interior design and decorating, tatami is a big part of traditional Japanese architecture. Typically made of rice straw at the centre, with a covering of soft rush straw, tatami mats were used for a large part of the flooring in houses, providing a soft surface on which to sit and sleep (cushions and futons were used in lieu of chairs and beds).

Japanese Minimalist Home Design Designs by Style This Japanese mountain cabin offers retreat by way of different cube variations, resulting in a truly spectacular and creative int

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Home / Design 15+ Japanese Designs That Have Subtly Outdone the Rest of the World. 15+ Japanese Designs That Have Subtly Outdone the Rest of the World. By Sara Barnes on June 19, 2017. Japanese design is lauded for the beauty it finds in simplicity. Often, we describe it with words like