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Follow these easy garden design ideas to transform your outdoor space. From getting your lawn into shape to landscaping and decorating with ornaments, these garden ideas will help you create a

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A simple home garden in a simple home design creates a harmony wrapped in a simplicity and practicality of a small space housing. A small and simple home garden can absolutely make the house look more beautiful and classy, as long as you know the tricks. Creating a home garden is tricky.

A small garden is a blessing, a patch of your own outdoor land to turn into a sanctuary. All you need are some brilliant examples from the House & Garden archive and advice from the experts and even the most petite patio can become a space to be proud of. Fancy foliage, pretty pots, clever planting and inviting accessories - all the design ideas you need are right here.

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Also, I love how plain the design is. It is easy to follow and see what is going on. It makes planting a small garden very simple. Plus, it also shows you proper placement of vegetables to keep everything from overlapping or stunting growth. 8. Summer Vegetable Garden Plans